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The Pawsitive Paw

If you have found yourself overwhelmed or unsure where to start with your dog’s obedience, “problem behaviors”, anxiety, reactivity, aggression, or fulfilling their biological needs, you have come to the right place!

My approach to training is holistic - looking at the canine as a whole - and has a large emphasis on relationship, your dog’s unique genetics, and purpose. As you know, dogs do not come with a manual.  Dogs can no longer “just be dogs” or “figure it out.” The truth is many are living in constant over-arousal, anxiety, excitation, and other states of mind that do not benefit them or you. This creates many challenges for breeds of all backgrounds, as well as their dedicated humans. 

It is my goal to help bridge the gap between human and canine, create cohesion, and to enable you and your dog to have the life you have always wanted.  Inquire today and have a customized plan that encompasses both you, and your dog’s needs. I promise there are solutions and a better life ahead…together, as a happy and healthy pack.

Obedience Training 

Obedience training allows us to engage our dogs in many different settings. Not only does it shape and reinforce the behaviors we want, but it is also the foundation upon building a strong and respectful relationship between you and your dog.  I enjoy teaching dog owners how to layer in obedience to their lifestyle in order to achieve a calmer state of mind for their dog. 🐾


Behavioral Modification

Packages are customized to your dog's unique personality, genetics, and lifestyle.  Services include but are not limited to: muzzle conditioning, reactivity, anxiety, mild aggression, management, and more.
These packages are an in-depth look into behavior and what we can do to successfully modify and manage our dogs safely with a satisfying life. 



Are you looking for  a way for your dog to learn how to innd exist with other dogs? Through positive socialization we offer dogs opportunities to engage with other dogs in appropriate and neutral interactions.

It is important to establish an environment for dogs to learn to play safely and positively with one another, while respecting different breed play styles and age differences.  

The Pawsitive Paw gives your dog the appropriate playmates to help engage others in a positive outlet.  This helps with energy, confidence, and even manners!


Customized Board & Train Programs

Customized programs for all breeds and ages for owners who are looking to start off on the right foot or get their dog’s current foundational basics on par. This program is not for dogs struggling with any sort of behavioral challenges such as reactivity, anxiety or aggression. Please let us know and we can tailor the right program for your dog if they struggle with behavioral challenges🐾

Your dog will learn basic manners: 

• Sit/Stay
• Down/Stay
• Place Command

• Walking nicely on leash (heel position)

• Thresholds (being polite at the front door, car door, etc.)
• Waiting for food

• Crate Training

This program is for dogs over 6 months of age with no major behavioral issues & does not cover recall or off-leash manners. The program will conclude with a two hour session where we transfer all the knowledge & skills to you in order to ensure your success back home together. 


Structured Walks + Hikes

Structured walks and hikes are an excellent option for clients looking for their dog to get a physical and mental activity for the day. This allows them to engage in different environments, while learning appropriate leash behavior.  
This service will provide an understanding of how to walk nicely on a leash, communication, engagement, accountability, passing people, and other dogs - not to mention beautiful scenery!

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