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Balanced Training

There are numerous methodologies, techniques, and approaches to dog training. Balanced Training - with a huge emphasis on relationship and reward based training - we use rewards, redirections, and fair corrections when appropriate. If corrections are delivered, they should be given with a focus on non-emotional energy and within appropriate situations to the learner (dog.). The dog also needs to understand how to find their advantage in the behavior; We build dogs UP, not suppress emotions or shatter confidence. While our dogs are beautiful emotional creatures they do not have the innate ability to regulate emotion - especially our human emotions. 

This approach not only provides the dog with feedback to the right behaviors, but also helps our dogs live harmoniously with us. It teaches them neutral and healthy associations to the world around them and builds trust within YOU. 

It is my believe that dogs were bred with purpose and their own unique sensitivities.  In utilizing their purpose and empowering them with confidence and clarity, we can create fulfilling lives for our dogs - while also greatly respect the beautiful animal they truly are!

Throughout our time together we will deep dive into the biological drives dogs have, genetics, management, outlet, diet, lifestyle and more!!  Dogs are amazing animals that we get to share this life with -  a healthy dog helps create a healthy and balanced relationship!

Balanced Training provides both you and your dog with the right tools, knowledge, and skills to learn how to work through daily stressors and find balance among life - mental, physical, and emotional. As we know life can be anything but perfect, and it’s fairest to teach our animals how to handle conflict and stress within healthy coping skills. 

Many dogs are often described as out of control by their owners and have put themselves in positions that can be quite dangerous. While we share some commonality with dogs, we both are also MUCH different. This means our needs and the ways in which we learn also have some differences. 

If The Pawsitive Paw sounds right for you and your pack feel free to reach out to learn more about classical and operant conditioning, as well as how to outlet your dog in a way that is compatible to your lifestyle and their biological needs✨🌷

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