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A little about me


Nice to meet you ☺️ My name is Courtney and I am the owner of The Pawsitive Paw. 

I am from the beautiful trees and mountains of Southern Oregon. People and animals have always felt natural to me.  Throughout my life I’ve worked within the animal industry; veterinary clinics, the Humane Society, animal shelter, doggie day care, boarding, and training. 

Relationship based training transformed both my personal journey, and the journey I share with dogs. Relationship based training taught me how to cultivate and maintain successful relationships with my dogs, myself, and other people.  It has become my passion to help owners of all backgrounds come to a better understanding of how implementing the right training system, tools, and skills that we can overcome these issues and strengthen the bonds we share.  I am here to guide, support, motivate, encourage the growth, and trouble shoot issues arise for you and your dog along the way. It is my goal to create a lifestyle that is balanced and fulfilling for all in your pack.


During 2020 I created The Pawsitive Paw LLC.  I made it my mission to take all the aspects that impacted dogs in a happy, healthy, and productive way to be integrated into my training. I find that exposure to real life situations within a system of trust, respect, and structure is so beneficial for dogs.  It enables them to learn and create neutral associations to the world they live in✨It is also my belief, that dogs were created with purpose.  In fulfilling their purpose we create a true space of fulfillment and connection.

I am very grateful for this line of work, the people I get to work with, and the amazing dogs that touch my life.  Our journey doesn't have to end with training - I make myself available for further education,  workshops, enrichment classes, trouble shooting issues, validating your achievements with your dog and so forth. This is my passion and I am here to support your pack along the way!  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Pawsitive Paw. Hope to hear from you soon🐾

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